environmentally friendly septic service

Working for the environment

Fyle's Honey Wagon holds many different licenses and certifications and has a long time connection to this industry. We are industry leaders in the land application of septage. All septage we pump is used as fertilizer and is good for farming practices which have been implemented to prevent pollution to our earth and waters. We have had multiple meetings with staff members from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency at our land application farms to insure we are using the best management practices.

We have been and continue to be a company with a commitment to protecting our environment, so we use every opportunity to help our customers to either solve their wastewater problems or better yet help prevent problems.

We are not the poop police, but when a situation presents itself, we will always take that opportunity to explain to our customers if the system at their house has the potential to pollute the ground water or our lakes and streams. We work with associations that have multiple houses connected to large systems and we work for the seasonal, small, family owned cottages and every size septic system in between. We are well-trained, well-equipped and ready to handle any emergency as well as basic septic maintenance needs. We also thaw frozen pipes in the winter, so we are available to help our customers year round.

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