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The Honey Wagon and How It Began

The beginning of our business took place in the 1940s when my grandfather, like many Minnesotans was having a hard time making "ends meet." He and his brother talked about the need for septic tank pumping since rural water was a hot topic. The smaller towns and the larger resorts had a water tower but no waste water collection system or treatment plants. My grandfather and his brother bought a truck and built a tank and pump system on the truck. It had a wooden plank type tank and a crude diaphragm pump, only two sections of hose and a will to survive.

As time went on they figured out it wouldn't support two families so grandpa's brother took a job and gramps went on alone. He had two boys, three girls and a strong willed wife. A few years later, one of the boys and one of the son in-laws got involved in the installation and pumping. My uncle stayed in Aitkin and installed septic systems and after my parents married, they moved to Nisswa in 1955 and began the Honey Wagon company. By then, inside plumbing and septic systems were much more common in rural areas along with electricity and having inside running water. Nisswa and the surrounding areas grew as a tourist destination and my mother and father's company grew along with it.

My brother and I began to be involved with the business at a very young age – we always had a job. My uncle's children also got involved in the industry. At the time there were about ten boys and their spouses involved in this industry. Today, we have deep roots and a large knowledge pool of our industry. We hold many different licenses and certifications and are always willing to help each other because of our long connection to the industry. Please see our environment page to see how we have put our knowledge to work for the environment.

Dependable service at excellent prices.

Fyles Honey Wagon is a licensed, insured, bonded and locally owned company in Nisswa, MN that offers free estimates for all septic tank maintenance and repairs. This is our only family business and we do it well. We provide services for residential, commercial and industrial properties. Contact us for more detailed information.

Septic Pumping Truck